Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Well it was back to the hospital again this morning to the fracture clinic. Saw the consultant who advised us that it could take up to three months for Harry's bone to heal fully. They have put him in a brace to keep his back straight, this also pulls the bones back into the right position. He has also been fitted with an adjustable sling, that fastens over his opposite shoulder but gives full support to his arm. We have to go back next week so that they can re x-ray the brake and adjust the brace. He has to wear both constantly, unless he has a shower.
Ben came home from school with a letter of apology from the boy at school who caused Harry's injury. I really haven't got my head round it all yet, and am undecided whether to take the matter further.
Water board also came back today, we have definitely cured the water leak that we had, all been tested and all OK now. Which is another weight of my mind. Also managed to get some more fencing up this afternoon. Big Mick has been a really big help.

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Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about about Harry hun - kids seem to take it all in their stride these days!! Big hugs to him.

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