Friday, 2 November 2007

Ben's Home

Picked Ben Up from the School at about 9.00pm last night, he looked absolutely shattered.
Told us where he'd been and what they'd seen. He had a really good time. He only got up about 12.3o, he must have been well tired...
I know that Ben is unselfish and has a giving nature, I asked him what he had brought back. All he had got for himself was a coin from the Eiffel Tower and a disposable camera! He had spent most of his money on a gift for Katie. I'm not going to give the game away, cause I know Katie reads my blog. All I say its from Morgan, Paris and it is beautiful.... Katie you'll just have to wait till you come down in December.... I must take a picture and I'll post it after Christmas.
Had some more lovely emails from two of my best customers this morning. Hi Hazel & Carol...
Postie has just been and brought me a parcel... I bid and won some miniature skulls etc on Ebay,
with postage they cost me £3.85. Bargain!!! I am really pleased with them, they will be used in Diagon Alley. The pumpkins are real and have been dried, I've seen these on Ebay for sale, so may get some more to fill up some baskets. I'm especially pleased with the larger skull, its seems to be made from plaster and is very detailed. I've taken some pictures, but having trouble loading them on my blog again.. I'll try and post them later....

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