Sunday, 11 November 2007


Well we had a really long day yesterday. Left here at 5am to travel to my cousin's in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. We arrived there about 9.50am. Just as we arrived Ben rang us to let us know that the roofers had turned up and were working on the roof. Bev very kindly cooked us a lovely breakfast. Had a good ole chin wag and then had a walk round with Micky so he could show me the new horse "Frank". What a lovely lad he his. Ally(Rooney) showed me some pictures of her jumping him, and you could tell by the pictures that Frank loves it and they are both doing really well. Hopefully one day we will see them both at Olympia..
Micky's son Michael arrived with his four beautiful daughters, who I have never met so it was quite a family reunion. Although it could have got quite confusing with Mick, Micky and Michael!
Bev also showed me this years foals, oh bless I just wanted to scoop them up and bring them home, one was a dead ringer for Warrior, but a totally different colouring, it turns out he is Warriors full brother.
Bev has decided that she is no longer going to show or breed her miniature Shetlands, as they want to spend more time on the show jumping side. But wanted her favourite Miniature Shetlands to stay together, so they have gifted 4 of their Mares to me.... And guess what 3 are definitely in foal, one of which is Warriors Mum. 1 we think is in foal but not sure, so we will be having foals next year. Most of them have Tawna Breeding.
They all walked perfectly into the trailer and we made the long journey home. We stopped at the services for petrol and I checked on them and they were all merrily munching away on the hay nets as if it was an every day occurrence. Got back to our place about 5.30pm and turned them straight out into the little paddock. Where they all immediately started munching the grass. Checked on them all again about 10pm to make sure they had settled and they were all OK. I went down to them again about 8am this morning and you'd think they'd been here forever.... They've certainly made themselves at home.
Roofers are back this morning so hopefully that will be finished today, well we can live in hope. Got to say that what they've done looks fantastic.... Will take some pictures later to post of the ponies and the roof.... Bye for now.

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mary said...

You should have let us know where you were going we were only 30minutes away and would have nipped out to see you. Never mind we will get together one of these days.

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