Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hazel's Witchy House....

Had an email from Hazel yesterday, with some piccies attached of her Witchy House. There not very clear as they were taken on her mobile phone. But whats outside the front door?Pumpkins for Sale....If your a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that Hazel asked me to make these Pumpkins for her and I gave a tutorial on how to make them..

Don't they look great, Hazel loves them. I love the house and have emailed Hazel to find out who made it.. Fabulous detail..... Just have a look at the roof and the front door behind the Cat... Even the Windows are leaded. You can just imagine a Witch living there, mixing spells in the Kitchen, Herbs hanging from the ceiling, with her broom propped up against the fireplace. Wow! getting completely carried away there......
Thanks Hazel for sending the pictures. When you find your camera, send me some more PLEASE......

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Hazel said...

Hi Deb
So glad you liked the piccies..don't the pumpkins look fantastic?..!!!...They look so authentic..even Satan the cat was having a sniff!!
The cottage I am working on is a kit made by Greenleaf and is called The Glencroft..If you type Greenleaf and Glencroft into google you will find it..Looks rather different to mine..we've done a lot of "kit bashing" to the outside!!!..I desperately wanted to thatch the roof but the thatch was so expensive!! I had a brainwave..what about kids brooms the shops sell at Halloween?..Well as you can see they worked perfectly!!..Had a lot of help from Hubby..but I think secretly he enjoyed doing it more than me!!..I made all the outside wooden trim myself from ply sheets..the trim that was supplied with the house was too uniform and neat!! leaded windows are acetate that hubs printed the design onto off the computer..Still got lots to do on it..I'll send you some more piccies of work in progress!!
Love your idea of the herbs hanging in the kitchen!!..I've collected so much stuff for this cottage..hubs said I could fill 6 houses!!..Hee Hee!!...and I won all your lovely goodies!!

Have a lovely day..and good luck with your roof!!
Hazel x

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