Thursday, 19 July 2007

Last Day At Juniors

Ben went off to Cadbury World this morning at 7am & he's not back yet!(bet it was hard to drag the kids away from all that chocolate).
It was Harry's last day at his Junior school today & all the kids were in floods of tears at home time. Even the teachers had a few tears. Harry took a school top in with him and the other pupils and teachers, signed it for him. He went off to Scout's tonight but Roz brought him back about 15 minutes later, saying that Scouts had been cancelled due to the weather. They were supposed to be having a Barbecue tonight and hadn't got the hall.
I went over to Diane's this morning at 9am to help her get sorted out as she has visitors from tomorrow. We managed to get loads done and she's pretty straight now. Came home about 2pm.
Our Prefix for the Stud name came this morning and we got "Hericus", which means Harry in Latin. Any foals we have from now on, including Athena will have Hericus on their passports. I had the Stud name registered in all our names, so the prefix belongs to all of us.
Started wrapping up some more parcels this evening, for posting again tomorrow. My miniatures seem to be selling really well on Ebay. Which is fantastic cause I've got thousands of the things boxed in the garage! What joy to try and make some space in there.
Ben's just got back from Cadburys World and the top of our fridge is now full of chocolate.... Think I best go and sample some.

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