Thursday, 26 July 2007

Feeling Better...

Well I've had a couple of doses of my painkillers & they have definately taken the edge of the pain. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday.

One of our friends Jayne & her boys Daniel & Joseph, came to see us this afternoon to have a look at the new ponies and then we all went up to the Army Surplus shop. Daniel needed some water proofs for camp and we wanted to get a large water carrier to put in the trailer for the show next week.

Ben rang me last night to see how I was, told him what the Doctor said and again told him not to worry. They were all at the Pub when he rang as Katie's mum had taken them all out for a meal. He said he'd had the biggest juicest Gammon steak, he's really enjoying himself. So glad that I let him go. Will give him a ring later to see what he's been up to today.

Harry's been working on a model that we brought him and is doing really well, putting all the little bits together. Must take after his Mum!

Tash (The Boot Sale Queen) & all the family have gone to Cornwall for the weekend, sent her a text this morning telling her that there are severe weather warnings for the South West. Her reply was something along the lines that it won't be raining inside the shops... I bet she comes home with loads of stuff, cause they've got a big camper van now. Just think what you'll be able to get in there Tash..!

Hopefully Sheamus is going to my friend Di's tomorrow, but haven't heard yet so will ring her later to see whats happening.

Been trying to get hold of my friend Tanya... Tanya if your reading this listen to your bloody answer phone messages.

Mick's Mum & Dad rang doesn't look like they will be up as Mick's Nan is poorly and they don't want to be away from her at the moment. I know Mick's quite worried although he doesn't say a lot. Its difficult for him as we are at least 5 hours away.

We've been watching the Royal Welsh this week, which finished today. I loved the Shetland Grand National & the Welsh Cobs they all looked magnificent. There was also a French horse whisperer at the show and it was absolutely amazing what his Horses would do and it had only taken three months of training. I take my hat of to everyone that went cause the place was knee high in mud.
Couldn't resist putting another picture of Cravat on here, he's quite a little character.

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