Sunday, 1 July 2007

Wet Weekend

Its very wet here in Wales, its rained all weekend. Really wanted to get the paddocks finished but it tipped down. Decided that I'd make a start on the Farmhouse kitchen on Saturday. So mixed up some unibond to seal the new plaster and painted on as far as I could reach without using the ladder, cause the floor is too slippery if you've got no one there to foot it. Really need to use the scaffold tower to reach up the side walls and ceiling. Will be picking that up soon.
Rang Harry to see how he was enjoying camp, he said there was loads to do and he was having a great time and they had, had some good weather. I had a look at the Malvern Challenge website to see what was on this weekend for them and it looks very entertaining.
Tanya rang me yesterday to catch up and she is hopefully coming up for a week in August, shes just waiting for her boss to confirm her holiday dates, shes trying to get the last 2 weeks, she can then decide what week she wants to come here. It will properly be the 1st week, which will tie in with Mick's birthday.
Today I've been back out in the kitchen doing a miss coat of paint over the unibond, looks so different already, looks so much brighter. Did take some pictures but need to load them on Ben's computer. Want to pop to Carmarthen this week to get some paint, want to keep the walls quite neutral but need a hard wearing paint because of the dogs. I really miss the kitchen, as its where we spend most of the day and don't use the lounge until the evening.
Harry should be on his way home now but won't be back until approx 8.30pm tonight. Bet he will be glad to get into his own bed and snuggle down tonight.

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