Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday Fiasco

Well this morning started off well. Harry's bags packed and double checked to make sure he had everything he needed for camp, (especially his goodie bag containing Jaffa Cakes). Joanne arrived at 8.30am to finish off the pipework in the kitchens. Ben not at school today, due to his blistered feet and he now has a head cold. Took Harry to pick up point at 10.45am, made sure he was safe on board and then came back home. Rang Boot Sale Queen cause they've opened a new Wilkinson's,Wilko in Carmarthen today and knew Tash was going, she said they had loads of buy one get one free's. ( Told you Tash loves a bargain). Rang the insurance company re my condenser tumble dryer not working again said someone will be here Monday. Then got a call to say they had a cancellation and would be out today. Fantastic! Fitter arrived soon after and tumble dryer working again. Everything going great so far.....
Then it happened Joanne was refilling the system and the drainage valve on the radiator in the kitchen was still open and water gushed out all over the floor,and I mean gushed, but to make matters worse all the new kitchen units are stacked in that kitchen. There was so much water that it soaked straight into the boxes, at least 4 doors are water damaged. So we've had to mop up gallon's of water, open every box, wipe down every piece of the new kitchen and re stack it without any protection around it. The sooner these kitchens are finished the better, cause otherwise I can see the new units getting ruined before they've been fixed in.
On a lighter note I had a text from Harry at around 4pm saying that they were still travelling and they had made a sign for the mini bus saying Honk If Your Horny!!....

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