Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Yesterday the Blacksmith came to trim the ponies and Sheamus's hoofs. What a performance that is. I'd already got head collars on the boys and wormed them all before he got here and managed to catch Yum Yum and put him on a lead rein. Yum Yum is very nervous and it took Mick and I nearly an hour to catch him. I brought Yum Yum off the back of a lorry cause I felt sorry for him. (Bit of a soft touch when it involves animals). Neo behaved himself, but much to our surprise Warrior performed, usually he is the most gentle loving pony, but I think he just wanted to let everyone know that he may be small but very strong. Then we moved on to the girls, Minuette was really good but Tomos (Blacksmith), said that her heel of the hoof looked weak and had started to turn. He managed to get it back into shape, but we will have to keep an eye on it and maybe have it trimmed more often. Then it was Sheamus's turn, let me tell you I stood well back, cause if he starts performing you definately don't want to be in the way. He was fine to start with and then he tried it on but Tomos has such a way with horses that he soon got him under control and he then stood there so nicely to have his feet done. It was really funny watching him walk back to the field, cause he was lifting his feet very high as if he didn't like the feel of the grass.
While all this was going on we had our fencing delivery. So hopefully this weekend we may be able to get the other paddock finished.
Also had to pack Ben's expedition pack last night as he is on a expedition today & tonight with the school, as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award. Had to pop out quick yesterday morning to him a set of water proofs. Made sure he had emergency rations, a big bar of chocolate. I never thought we would get all the stuff he needed packed into this rucksack that the school provided. Without his own stuff he had the cooker and some tent poles to get in there as well. I'm just hoping that the weather improves cause it was quite cold out last night and its raining now.
Derek the plumber also turned up late last night to see what needs doing and hopefully will be here Thursday to complete the central heating and put in a gas cooker point for me. As soon as that goes on we will be able to dry the kitchen plaster out and get cracking putting the new units in. Can't wait to have the kitchen sorted if you could see the mess it is at the moment you'd understand. Its a complete work in progress.
Harry's going way on Friday morning with the Scouts to the Malvern Challenge and won't be back till late on Sunday evening, so have got another kit bag to pack this week!
Mick has popped out to see James who did quite a lot of work on our house and has agreed to have Ben with him for work experience, James needs to have all his details for insurance cover.
Want to catch up with some washing today, have already stripped Ben's bed, thank god for tumble driers..

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