Thursday, 28 June 2007

Broken Fence & Blisters!

I rang Ben last night to see how the expedition was going, he said he was having a good time except that he had massive blisters on the balls of his feet! The teachers had, had a look at them and were going to dress them today before they finished the hike. Apparently his teacher had never seen blisters that big before! So they must be huge. Told him to make sure he does his boots up tight from the bottom, to stop his feet moving around. I really don't envy him as they walked 18km yesterday and have another 8km to walk today. Lets just hope that his feet don't get infected.
Derek the plumber and his apprentice Joanne turned up this morning to run the pipework & put the radiators on in the kitchens. Derek's gone off to finish another job and left Joanne to it. She's getting on OK and being a woman she likes things perfect, which is great. So hopefully by this evening we can put the heating on to dry the walls out.
Sheamus had managed this morning to break down the fence into the top field where we are growing our hay and was merrily munching to his hearts content. So up we went to get him out and to repair the damage. He was very reluctant to leave all that lush hay, but finally managed to get him out and repair the damage he'd done. How long for I don't know cause when there intent on getting in they will. I'm just hoping that he is going to my friend Di's, sooner rather then later. Unfortunately Sheamus is not the horse for me. He is totally wasted here and needs to be working nearly everyday, he's too boisterous for me and needs someone that has plenty of time to spend with him which I just haven't got. I really need a older horse, with who we can plod along together.
Hi Geoff, I know your reading this blog cause the boot sale queen told me. Just wanted to say Good Luck with the course at the weekend, and if you need to try out your new skills you've always got our place to practise on. Looked at the web site and it looks amazing, just think what you could do with your front drive and walls. Would save you laying all that bloke paving. Loved the arches and polished floor. Now that floor would look very nice in my kitchens.(Nudge, Nudge, Wink,Wink say no more) Yet another string added to your bow me old fruit!

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