Friday, 15 June 2007


Well Dell delivered the lap top battery and charger yesterday, was so pleased. Put in new battery, attached new charger left for an hour and then tried to turn on my laptop. Bloody thing won't turn on, well turns on and goes straight off, so I've spent loads on new parts and it still doesn't work. Going to have to find somewhere reliable around here to get it looked at, which is an absolute pain as all my pictures are loaded on it, yes I do have back up disc's. But there's nothing like being able to use your own computer.
Popped down the weekly fruit and veg market this morning to stock up for the week. My kid's eat loads of fruit and its so cheap down there you can get loads for a few pounds. Fruit bowl now overflowing and loads in the fridge, but it will all be gone again by next Friday. Picked up our cake from Linda the cake lady who is also there on Friday, she makes beautiful sponges, fruit cakes, pies, preserves and jam's.
Came home and rang our architect Matt who has done the drawings for my Craft studio, now need planning regulations which by the time the working plans have been drawn and fee's paid is going to cost another grand. Rang the planning office to find out when planning permission run's out and its not till March 2008. When we brought the house they already had planning permission for a commercial premises, but since we've been here I've had the planning amended, from commercial to domestic. We can just about afford to get the reg's and drawings done, but not build, it will be a huge extension if it ever gets built, so I needed to know if we could get permission extended or can we just get the footings in the ground and would this be classed as we had started, then not have to worry about continuing permission. The young lady at the council was very helpful, but stated we needed to speak to a building officer because there was restrictions with foul water drainage when the permission was granted. I'm going to get our architect to speak to them as the water drainage will be going direct to our cess pit and is no longer a commercial premises. (The previous owner run an LPG conversion business here). Why is everything so flipping complicated?). Tried ringing Architect but he was out, so will have to chase up on Monday.
Then tried to clear the horse shelter in the barn, in case, Muffy decides to foal in there, want to make sure it lovely and clean for her, but the heaven's opened thunder rumbled and the horses all decided to come in there out of the rain, so only got that half cleared. Came back from the barn and the courier had been to deliver the spreader and left it by the gate,unsigned for, box crushed and soaking wet, Mick has taken it out of the box put it together to make sure all the parts are there and the bloody wheel is buckled. So I've just sent an email to the seller to ask how we go from here. Just our flipping luck.
But on a lighter note we are going to the Welsh Game Fair tomorrow and its a fantastic day out for the whole family, our boys really enjoy it and I don't care whether it rains or not cause there's so much to do there, loads of entertainment, stalls and shows. Will definately be taking the camera.

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