Monday, 25 June 2007

The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society

On Friday I rang the SPSBS for some forms to register "Athena" and get her a passport and also a form to register a prefix for a stud name. Forms came this morning. Rang them to ask how long a prefix name would take and they advised 2-3 weeks. Wanted the prefix "Ashcourt", but someone has already got it, then asked if we could have Tinytreasures but they won't allow it cause they don't want any words that mean small! So went on to see what other names had been used that we liked. Eventually came up with Hericus which is Harry's name in Latin and Beniaminus which is Benjamin in Latin, so these are the two names we are putting forward for approval. So if we get Hericus, Athena will be registered as Hericus Athena of Ashcourt, bit of a mouthful, but as the kids liked the Greek God & Goddess names, I thought it would be appropriate.
Also received forms for a voluntary Veterinary examination as I want to get Neo and Warrior registered as Stallions, this entails the vet coming to us and checking that they correct under the guide lines of the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, they also take a DNA test and microchip the pony. But for them to be entered in the Stud book I need to make sure that their parents have also had DNA tests, which is another performance altogether. If they haven't I will have to contact the owners arrange for mane hairs to be pulled and sent to me and pay the test fees. Otherwise any offspring can't be registered in the mother stud book.
Also needed forms to re register a colt as a gelding cause we want to get Magic & Yum Yum cut.
Its a serious amount of paperwork to get through.
Off to order some more fencing rails now so we can get the paddocks finished.

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