Saturday, 2 June 2007


I've just had a catch up conversation with a dear friend Mandie who now lives in sunny Spain. We haven't seen each other for 3 years, but she and her lovely family are never far from my thoughts. She has three beautiful daughters Lauren, Lucy and Holly. Mandie & Steve were the first ones in our group of friends to have a baby (Lauren), who as you can imagine was spoilt rotten by us all. Lauren is getting married in June but unfortunately we can't make it to the wedding as our other foal is due at around the same time. I'm gutted as I'd have love to have seen our baby wed. Lauren has promised to send me loads of pictures and I'm sure Mandie will keep me updated. So glad they are all doing well and Mandie if your reading this hope all your wishes and dreams come true x.
Thursday this week popped into the next village to see my friend Diane and take back the egg incubator, took Harry with me to see all her new horses and foals. Diane is always on hand if I need horsey advice and she certainley knows her stuff. She's been naming the foals after the characters in the magic roundabout she currently has Florence, Brian and Zebedee! I've completely lost count of how many horses she has but I think its in the forties! I really admire her hard work and dedication. Diane if you are reading this "congratulations" , lets hope all goes well with the place by the sea, you know what I mean.
Tasha & Geoff are fantastic friends we made here in Wales, they have four handsome boys, Callum, Lewis, Tyler and Brandon. Tasha was pregnant with Brandon when we first met her and has become a very special friend to me, if we don't see each other we talk nearly every day. All tash's boys are lovely, but Brandon is so handsome that you could eat him. Mick and I love the bones of them all. Tash if you read this thank you for being there, we love you loads.
Caught up with my best friend Tanya in the week, we are more like sisters then friends, I miss her and her children Ayden & Kiera all the time. She is the most funniest person who you are likely to meet and has me in stitches with the antic's back in Kent. She is a true friend and has always been there to support me through the good times and bad and boy we've had a few bad times!! Tanya if your reading this know that we love you and the kids very much, but you've always got next door to pop to for a holiday! and thanks for letting me drink out of the crackless mug when I come to stay xxxx.
And if any of my other Friends are reading this, you know how special you all are to us, and we miss you all. As I've always said My friends are my family.

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