Sunday, 17 June 2007

Welsh Game Fair

Had a brilliant time at the Welsh Game Fair. We left home at 8.30am Saturday and got to the fair around 9.40am. Harry had a go on the army's climbing wall, which he enjoyed. There was loads to see and do there, we watched loads of different displays including a motorbike stunt team made up of children from 4 - 18 years, they were brilliant. Took loads of pictures, more for the scrapbooks, when I get round to doing them again. Had a good wander round looking at all the stalls and the craft marque. Then we treated ourselves to some sea food which was lush. Although we live by the coast its hard to get hold of sea food, you have to travel miles. Back in the South East if you wanted Sea Food you normally popped to the local pub that had a seafood stall outside. The welsh like Lava bread, which is seaweed, apparently it tastes a bit like spinach, just as in England it's jellied eels. Well each to their own. There is also a guy at the fair who does the most fantastic carvings in tree trunks by chainsaws. Was looking in his picture folder yesterday and the detail is fantastic of birds in flight, bears, eagles, owls etc. He puts on a really good display but you need ear muffs for the noise. Got home about 2.45 as we won't leave the dogs for too long, but have to say the pup's had been good and no accidents.
Ken popped in last night he'd been fishing and knows how much I like my fish and Sea food, he brought me up a big bag of Mackeral already gutted and cleaned so their going in the freezer.
Its Father's day today, so Mick is having a lay in. Harry's got his riding lesson this afternoon at 2pm, which he's looking forward to.

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