Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Waiting For The Post

Can't go out today waiting for a delivery. I managed to successfully bid on a tow able fertilizer/spreader on Ebay the other day. Was really pleased with the price. We had been looking on all the big agriculture sites and they were working out about £150.00 then delivery on top. Got the same thing off Ebay inc delivery for £81.00, quite a saving. Hopefully it should be here today. I'm also awaiting the delivery of a battery & charger for my laptop, from Dell. What a caper that was trying to get the right person on the phone to order the bloody things. If I explained what I wanted once, I explained six times, eventually got to speak to the right person after being transferred around the world I think. Wish these places would have call centre's in the UK. The Charger blow up and started smoking, we think it drained or damaged the battery, I'm just hoping that is all the damage it did and hasn't cocked up my hard drive. I'm using my eldest son's PC at the moment which he's not to happy about. So let's hope when the new bits get here, it works. Still having problems loading pictures to my blog, again hopefully when laptop fixed I will be able to sort it out as I have a picture resizer on it.

Thought Muffy might have foaled last night but nothing this morning. She was laying down in the field last night and I'm sure she was having contractions, maybe they have braxton hicks like humans. The Lady I brought Muffy from advised me to let her foal outside, as she hates being locked in and does become quite distressed, but it worries the life out of me incase anything should go wrong while she's out in the field, its so much easier to check on them in the stables. I've made sure all the torch's have batteries and that the rechargerable torch is left on charge. She's not due for another couple of weeks but you never know the foal may come early.

Athena is doing really well and is so friendly, she comes to call and loves to be stroked and tickled, she's going to be a right little character. Don't quite know how I've done it but I've managed to upload a picture. Yipee!! This was taken about a week ago, Athena is quite taken with Harry and is quite happy to give him kisses.

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