Monday, 4 June 2007


Sunday was one of those days!! You know the sort I mean, you have every intention of getting loads done but by the end of the day you just haven't. Main jobs done like feeding the horses, mucking out, cooking dinner, a bit of hoovering but the main thing I wanted to do was sort out a pile of paperwork!! As any of my friends and family will tell you, I am one for having piles of paperwork about, what for I don't know but it starts small and then overnight its grown, so I set myself a task to sort it!! Likely I did found two cheques that need paying in and a gift voucher. I also seem to get waylaid with the sorting as it includes magazines on Scrap booking, Dolls house miniatures, Horses and those nice glossy home ones. So instead of it taking me maybe an hour or so, I start flicking through the mags and before you know it hours have passed in a daze! Then of course Sunday afternoons, I do try and catch up with my friends, so I was sorting paperwork, looking at mags and chatting on the phone (yes I know we do like a chat), and before I knew it, it was late, but I had achieved my goal, I managed to fill up a recycling sack with waste paper and all shredded I might add. It's all nice and tidy now well until next week when another pile would have grown.....
While speaking to one of my friends yesterday we spoke about me having trouble putting pictures on my blog. She thinks my pics are too big and advised me to re size them before adding them. So I will try it once I've got my laptop fixed, cause all my pic's are stored on there and my son doesn't want them all loaded onto his PC.

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