Monday, 11 June 2007


Well its been all go here, been trying to get loads of jobs done the last few days.
Really needed to clear the side garden where our gas tank is, so started that on Saturday. There was a huge pampas grass next to the gas tank and its spread so you couldn't get up the path without nearly having your eye out. I used the loppers on it but didn't seem to be getting very far, so in the end got the chainsaw out and took it right back to the ground. The roots now need digging out, but going to leave it until we get some rain and the earth softens up around it, its like trying to dig concrete at the moment. We then strimmed the lawn which had grown about a foot and then run the lawnmover over it. Looks so much tidier. I eventually want to get rid of the grass and cover the earth with a membrane and then put plants in and cover with slate chippings, it will be much easier to look after.
Saturday morning Tasha, Geoff, the boys and Tash's Mum and Dad (Jackie & Alan) called in on the way back from the boot sale. (Tash is the boot sale queen) she can always find a bargain. Little Brandon looked so cute sitting on the sit on lawn mower which he calls 'Tractor'. Took the boys into the little paddock to see Minuette and Athena, Geoff managed to take some pictures on his phone of the boys. Was really nice to see them all. Jackie really reminds me of my Mum, always beautifully dressed even in her casuals.
Harry had his first riding lesson on Sunday, must say he looks pretty good in the saddle. He said its more difficult then it looks, trying to keep his heels back, back upright and look where your going at the same time, but he did manage a rising trot. He's only ever been lead reined on the back of my horse Sheamus. But he really enjoyed himself and I took loads of pictures for my scrapbook, much to his dismay.
Today we brought the trailer round to the front of the house to load up all the stuff I'd chopped down in the side garden, I don't think the compost bins are going to take it all, so we will have to burn some in the fire bin.
Caught up with my friend Tanya yesterday, she had me in fits of laughter over a row she'd had at the petrol station. She's only tiny but would take on the world and his wife and not care. We were also arranging for her to come up in the summer holidays with the kids for a week, once she's sorted out her holiday at work. It's brilliant when she's here cause the kids all get on and amuse themselves, while we catch up, plus she's not adverse to getting the hoover out!!

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