Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Laptop Saga

Harry did really well at his riding lesson on Sunday. When we got there Nicky told us that the other children only come every other week, so once a fortnight Harry would be having a lesson on his own and will soon catch up with the others. She really made him work this week and his legs must have been hurting by the time he was finished. Also spoke to my friend Diane yesterday to see if she had a pony at her place suitable for Harry to ride, but she's only got young broken ponies so not suitable for a novice rider. Harry just wanted to get in some practise. If Harry continues to ride we may think about getting him his own pony, but only if it's not a five minute wonder. I said to him "just think we can go out riding together" and his words were " Oh no Mum, I want to go riding with Di". Thanks son Love you too.
Yesterday I rang a recommended computer repair place near to us and explained the problem with my Laptop! They said that they will have a look but are very busy at the moment. If it is the mother board it will be very pricey to fix, if it can be fixed! If I've fried the motherboard then they won't be able to retrieve any information either. So looks like I may have lost loads of information pictures etc,. But if its not too badly damaged they may be able to retrieve some of it. Let's hope its the latter and I can retrieve some stuff. Or better still lets hope its just a simple thing like the on/off switch.
Waiting for a courier to come and pick up the Spreader, the company we brought it from have been excellent so far, (keep your fingers crossed it continues), once its been picked up we've got to ring them and then they will dispatch another. They were not happy that the courier left it unsigned for, they are supposed to be here today to pick up.
Muffy still hasn't had the foal yet, she's well bagged up and foal laying low, its just a waiting game. Managed to clear the rest of the barn yesterday, and refill with fresh straw so at least, she has somewhere warm and dry to have her baby if she wants. But knowing Muffy she'll lay down in the middle of the field to give birth. Little Athena is doing really well, she is a real cutie, when you call her, she whinnies back and comes bounding across the paddock for a cuddle.
We think our television is on its way out, mind you we've had it for about 10 years, its started to get lines in it and the colour is a bit dodgy. Just hoping that it lasts a bit longer cause I can afford another one.
We've decided due to lack of money to just renew our planning permission. We worked out it would cost over £1,000 to get the drawings and building Reg's and then about another thousand to get a jcb in to dig the footings and have the concrete pumped in. Not that the money would be wasted but at the end we still wouldn't have anything to show for it, except a concrete filled hole! I would rather have a piece of land levelled for the static caravan to be moved onto. Its currently down the side of the house outside the lounge window, blocking our view of the drive and ponies in the home paddock. Hopefully, Meirim the jcb man can clear it in a day and then we can arrange for the static to be lifted onto a lorry and re-sited away from the house. I don't want to get rid of the static as its handy if we have a lot of visitors and I can also use it as a workroom, until we build the studio.

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