Sunday, 24 June 2007


Saturday I spent most of the day on Ben's computer doing some research on Shetland Pony Pedigree's. Its a shame that the Shetland Pony Stud Book don't have all the information on line. Did manage to find some other sites which were quite interesting & , worth having a look if your a horse lover. I did manage to trace one of my ponies pedigree's back to 1857 so was well chuffed.
Mick & Ben managed to finish a small paddock for me in post and rail, as when the new stallions arrive they will have to be kept separately from each other, in case all out war breaks out, especially when the mares come into season. Karen's quite happy to keep them at her place until we are ready. Still some more fencing to complete, but we ran out of posts, will order some more on Monday. We have also got to re-post the far field as I noticed some of the rails are rotted in the ground. Can't have any escaping or my breeding plan will go straight up the shoot.
Spent some time with the Mares on Saturday afternoon. Muffy seems to be back to her old self, just want to keep my eye on her. Debating whether to put her back in foal if we do, I will move her near foaling time to a paddock on her own, can't bear the thought of her losing another one. I really want all the mares to foal indoors, as its much easier to intervene if something goes wrong.
Was going to go to the boot sale in Carmarthen this morning (Sunday), but the boot sale queen Tash texted and said it wasn't on today there is a home & garden show on instead. Wished I'd known before cause I could have stayed in bed.
Took Harry over for his riding lesson, but on our way, the heaven's opened and torrential rain poured down, so Nicky cancelled. Harry won't be going next week as he is away from Friday to Sunday with the Scouts in Gloucester, lets hope the weather improves by then.
The one thing we all look forward to on a Sunday is a roast dinner, I think its the favourite meal of the week for the boys. Only very occasionally we don't have the traditional Sunday meal, if we are going out or the boys are doing something with their friends. Today we are having roast chicken, Stuffing, pea's, carrots, parsnips & loads of roast potatoes with lovely thick gravy and Yorkshire puds. Its making me salivate just thinking about it.

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