Tuesday, 5 June 2007


We have animals, well quite a few actually, its like feeding time at the zoo at times. I'll list them with their names so you can get to know them, incase I mention them in my blog and wonder who the hell I'm talking about.
Jasper is a border collie, clever and very gentle. Merlin is a Newfoundland, who weights in about 10 to 11 Stone, he is a big baby who slobbers everyone and when he shakes that drawl can travel at least 15ft, he looks like a big black bear and adores children. Moses and Storm are border collie puppies and are full of energy. We have 6 cats, who the kids named. The first 3 are all from rescues as kittens their names are Angel, Satan and Smudge. The Other 3 we acquired last year from friends are Shadow, Nova and O'Malley. My youngest son has a ferret named Xena, she lives in a huge cage down in the stables. Then we have our miniature Shetland ponies,
Katie, Muffy (who's in foal), Cameo, Chi Chi, Minuette (min for short) she's Chi Chi's &Athena's mum. Athena our new foal, Warrior, Magic, Neo & Yum Yum. Then there's Sheamus who is a 15'3" Cob cross. We also have 2 rabbits peaches and cream. We did also have 40 chickens and ducks, but Mr Fox and his family have made short work of them and we only have one duck left! Really need to restock the chickens and ducks, cause the taste of fresh eggs is amazing, but waiting until later on in summer or foxy will be round again looking for a free meal for the cubs.
Yesterday, Merlin and the pup's Storm & Moses, nicked a hand made(not by me but a lady we buy from at the weekly market), coffee and walnut sponge of the kitchen side and scoffed the lot, we only noticed when we had a cuppa and decided to indulge ourselves, we looked everywhere, only to find the wrapper around the cake in the garden thoroughly licked and chewed. Well I suppose its one way to lose weight! But not very good for the pups who were promptly sick, all that coffee butter cream proved too much. (ah bless them). But it did give everyone a laugh at school pick up.
In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I had been offered 2 Miniature Shetland Stallions and 2 mares, well just to let you know the offer was accepted and they will be joining us very shortly...

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