Tuesday, 29 May 2007

New Roof

Well the roofers turned up on time Saturday morning and we now have a lovely new water tight roof. Yipee! So we can now start sorting out the kitchens.
Yesterday's weather was awful, started out beautiful, so I turned Minuette and her foal Athena out into the small paddock and started mucking out. Went into the barn to get some fresh hay and the heaven's opened not just rain but massive hail stones. The noise on the roof was deafening. I only had a t-shirt on so there was no way I could venture out and till it stopped, but I was concerned that the foal might get too cold. My hubby rang me on my mobile and I told him to bring down my waterproof so I could get out of the barn. He managed to get down to me while there was a break in the hail storm and I decided to get mare and foal back in. So there I was out in the paddock and the heaven's opened again and boy did those hail stones thunder down, they were huge and hurt. Minuette was shivering when I got her back in, so made sure her and Athena had a very deep bed of straw to snuggle down into.
Then about 11.30am we had a phone call from Rainbow to say that Harry wanted to come home from camp has he was freezing cold and wet. So off we went to pick him up. Bless him he was perished when we picked him up, even the insides of his wellies were soaked. Got him home and straight into a nice warm bubble bath. Early night last night for him, but he must have been worn out cause he didn't get out of his pit until 11.15am this morning.
Also had a phone call last night from a really good friend and there is a girl within our group of school mum friends who has been stirring and telling lies left right and center. Well I've got her number now and boy she doesn't want to say anything to me or she will get a few home truths thrown back at her. Whats the old saying better the Devil you know!!! She obviously hasn't got anything better to do and really you have to feel sorry for people who obviously have a problem like that. But how low will she stoop to be centre of attention.. Liars have to have very good memories and she certainly hasn't. Well enough of that, just wanted to blow of steam.
Just this minute had a phone call from my friend Karen, who I have brought miniature shetlands from in the past. She wants to come over to pull some hairs from Muffy, as she has sold her yearling colt, and has lost the previous hairs she had pulled for the DNA testing, from Muffy. So shes on her way. Muffy is in foal and should be producing at the end of June. Altogether we have 10 miniature shetlands and one 15"2 Cob. I've just been offered the opportunity to purchase 2 SPSBS licensed Stallions and two lovely fillies. I'll update when I know more.

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