Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sore Sunday....

Got up this morning feeling pretty sore, especially my back. Got a bit of swelling there, and a lovely bruise on my elbow. Mick jet washed the concrete steps down today, so hopefully no more accidents!

Have done some more listings today on Ebay, have been really pleased with the response I'm getting. Hopefully it will continue.

Harry went over for his Riding lesson this afternoon, and Nicky asked if he wanted to stay over with Tom for the afternoon, which he did. Then got a phone call about an hour later from Harry asking if he could stay the night. Told him it was ok.

Rang Ben this evening and he seems to be having a good time. Said they all went to bed really late last night, cause loads of people kept turning up at Katie's. He said it was like Piccadilly Circus. He also said they were going into Inverness tomorrow. Asked me how I was feeling and had I been to the Hospital to be checked over. Told him not to worry I was OK, just bloody sore.
Just my luck me & Mick all on our own tonight and I feel like crap.
Karen rang today the Stallions are being delivered tomorrow as Richard was at work all weekend. Will ring before they come so that we can put Sheamus out of the way.
Hopefully my new oak coffee table is being delivered as well tomorrow, the Couriers rang and said they would get the delivery men to give us a call in the morning between 7am - 8am to give us a rough estimate of what time they will be here. I bet they turn up as we are unloading the Stallions!
Also forgot to say yesterday, that the gentleman that owns the cottage that they took down at the end of our field, called up to see us about the boundary. Told him that I wasn't very happy with the way it had been left and wanted a retaining wall put back there. He has agreed to sign a letter, stating where the boundary lies and then asked us if we would consider selling him a strip of land. Told him we would think about it.
I've just a soak in a lovely hot bath to try & relieve some of my aches, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect yet. Looks like another early night with my pain killers...

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