Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Welcome Tinkerbell & Tiger Lily

This morning we went over to Karen's to pick up our two new filly's Tinkerbell & Tiger Lily. Had a look at the Stallions while I was there and they are looking tremendous, had forgotten how much mane & tail they have. The two girls didn't want to go in the trailer but after much persuading and Lisa bribing them with food and a bit of pushing they went in. Brought them straight back and turned them out with Minuette, Athena & Chi-Chi. Was a few squeals but have really settled down nicely now and seem to be getting on ok. Tinkerbell has lost some of her mane due to Karen & Lisa's other ponies having a chew on it. They both have beautiful faces and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have them join us. Just wait till you see the Stallions. Told Lisa she is welcome over to see them anytime she likes.
Harry was trilled when he got in from school, he didn't even bother to come indoors, he went straight down the field to see them. He thinks their both lovely. Hopefully Harry will be able to show these ponies. Have left them all out this evening for the first time as its quite warm this evening, just hoping Athena will be warm enough cuddled up to her Mum.
Its Harry last day at his junior school tomorrow so we wrapped up some presents for his teachers this evening.
Ben's off to Cadbury's world with the school in the morning, needs to be at the school at 7am for the coach told him to bring us back some chocs. Must remember to do him a packed lunch tonight and put it in the fridge.
I'm off to my friend Di's tomorrow to give her a hand at her place.

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