Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Posting Day

This morning I spent ages wrapping up my miniatures that I sold on Ebay, ready to post this afternoon. Spoke to the Boot Sale Queen this morning for quick catch up. Geoff brought the camper van he wanted so they went out in it over the weekend.
Also rang the Secretary for the South & South West Wales Pony Group to see when our family membership run out, its only a couple of months out of date, so sent off a cheque this afternoon to update. Then rang the organiser's of the Nevern County Show and asked them to send me a schedule.
Spoke to two friends last night, Tracy who I went to Nursery, Junior & Secondary school with and she also lived with me for a while before I met Mick.We even had our kids in the same years, five weeks and 5 months apart .We have been friends for Forty years, seems impossible that all that time has passed. (Sorry Gunge I've given our age away now!)
Then spoke to Val who was really close to my Mum & Dad, she's more like family then a friend. I had this feeling that I needed to speak to her and when I did it was to find out that her Mum Peggy is in hospital. Val if your reading this we are sending Peggy loads of Love & Get Well Wishes.
This afternoon I rang the Funeral Directors, back in Greenwich as I wanted to know if the inscription for my Dad was on my families headstone yet. My Mum, Dad & Brothers Richard & Dean are buried together. They rang me back & said it was all in hand to be done. I wouldn't mind but this has been going on since November last year! It's really ticking me off now. First of all, if you've never done this you have to wait for the ground to settle after a burial before they will even consider resiting the stone, as ours is a family plot it's not just the headstone you have to worry about but the sides and full cover stone, then because Dad left the deeds to me I had to write to the local council & pay a fee to have the ownership documents transferred to me which takes ages cause they need proof of probate, Solicitors letters etc, then we moved so had to get back onto the council to update them with our new address,that was before I could commission the work to be done, as the documents have to be correct or they won't allow any work. Filled out all the forms with the undertakers and went back to Greenwich in November last year to finalize and then heard nothing for ages. Then had a letter in March to say that they had lost the paperwork from one office to another, so had to refill in all the forms, then got a letter back saying that it was all in hand. I rang them in May and the day I rang they said that they had only just got the work certificate back from the council, and that work normally is done within 12 weeks. Well its OK for them ,they been sitting on my money, in their bank earning interest all this time, because you have to pay for the work before its even done, nice little earner for them.
I was really hoping Dad would be on there by now, as its Mum's Anniversary on the 19Th July and I know that people will be visiting the grave. Anyway enough of that......
Ben didn't have to go in again today so helped his Dad with the fencing in the new paddocks and fixed some fencing that had broken. So we are all ready now for tomorrow. Whats so special about tomorrow? Well we are picking the two new fillies up from Karen's, so excited, another couple of babies joining us. If the rain holds off tomorrow will try and get some nice pictures of them and add them to my postings.

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