Thursday, 5 July 2007


Thought I'd upload some pictures of the work in process in the Farmhouse Kitchen. As you can see its a bloody mess at the moment, but will look great once its completed. Thanks Geoff for doing the plastering for us.
Can't wait to rip those old units and hideous tiles off the wall. But can't do that until the new units are fitted on the other side of the kitchen. It will be a joy to use our new cooker as well, cause the one we are using at the moment is awful, when we first moved here, I had to use a wallpaper scrapper on it to get the caked in crap off and that was on the inside. Don't think it had ever seen one bit of oven cleaner! I'm also going to repaint the beams in a lighter colour cause I'm not a fan of the black and Mick said it will take too long to strip them back. Might just do the one over the window as a feature, but then again depends whats underneath and how many coats of paint are on there. Should have the scaffold tower here this weekend so will be able to get on with the painting.

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