Saturday, 28 July 2007

Welcome Kai

Friday was a catch up day with washing etc.

Diane & Paul came over late Friday afternoon to pick up Sheamus. Diane is going to bring him back into work and then sell him for me from her yard, just got to try & find his passport. Rang Ben last night to see if he was looking forward to coming home & he said "Yes, I Suppose So", think he's been spoilt by Katie's Mum.

Today Kai came to join our every growing family. Richard, Karen & Lisa brought him over on the lorry. We put him straight out in the paddock and he's been strutting his stuff ever since. He's a very handsome pony. Thank you Lisa for letting us have him.
I've been out in the fields all afternoon pulling the dreaded Ragwort again, the bloody stuff keeps rearing its ugly head. I'm sure its blowing in off a neighbouring field.
Just waiting for Ben to get home, he rang me from the Airport to say they had landed and apparently he's brought a Haggis back with him.

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