Wednesday, 25 May 2011


My eldest Son Ben and his Girlfriend Courtney attended the Aberystwyth University May Ball, a couple of weeks ago.
Ben told me that there would be a Bungee there and that he intended to do a jump. Well me being his Mum, first thought that he was joking and then when he said he wasn't, asked him not to. I have a terrible fear of heights and the thought of him jumping from this crane, well it made me feel physically sick.
Courtney, didn't want him to do it either and was crying even before he got the harness on, she was really frightened for him. She said when he did the jump, he looked like a Rag Doll hanging from the line. But give her, her due, she managed to take the pictures of him jumping. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger.
That Blue Dot hanging on the end of that elastic, is my Boy... So glad I wasn't there, think I'd have been sick. Thankfully nothing went wrong and he said it was brilliant.
Apparently Ben has a Bucket List, nineteen and has a bucket list, gawd knows what else is on there. Think its best he doesn't tell me. And there was me, thinking that Harry my youngest, was the Dare Devil....


Judy C said...

I'm with you; I'd have been sick.

Sassy Marsha said...

Well, I know how scared you were but good for Ben and might I add that he has become quite a handsome young man!!!

That's something I would have done at his age BUT I'm with you now, NO WAY!!! I always wanted to jump out of a plane too . . . I missed the chance years and years ago to go with a girlfriend and her hubby . . not interested in that any longer either!

A bucket list at so young, it must be a LONG one, Deb, LOL, don't read it! I don't have one . . do you?


Steinworks said...

omg I would have died of fright, I'm glad he is ok and got that off his bucket list

men and boys do the strangest and stupidest things sometimes, I guess it's just a rite of passage or something

stay strong

Michelle said...

I'd feel the same because I hate heights and hanging upside down! I thought it was bad enough when they bungee jump from bridges, but from a ledge on a crane is even worse!

Not sure whether to call Ben mad or brave! lol

Michelle xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...


Janice said...

What it is to be young! I have two very dare-devil children who try out everything. They have learnt to tell me after the event!
I can't believe his first year has gone by so quickly!!

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