Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pictures & Update

Just thought I'd give everyone an update.
Both the Foals are doing well and are having fun, running round in the lovely weather we've been having, up until today. It is currently tipping it down, which is good, as we need the rain to make the Grass & the Hay grow. The ground is rock hard.

Update on my computer! Well the external hard drive has arrived. Now everything needs to be transferred over onto that, before the hard drive on the PC gets messed around with. I'm totally paranoid, that I'm going to lose all my documents and photographs. I just hope everything can be transferred and that nothing gets lost.
Ben, has very kindly lent me his lap top, so I am able to get on line, but he really needs this for University, so don't know how long I'll be on line for. With all that's been going on here. I've got hundreds of emails to go through as well, so if you've emailed me and I haven't answered please bear with me. Foals and Family are taking priority at the moment.
Will be putting lots of pictures over on the Hericus Blog today, as don't want them getting lost or deleted.


rosanna said...

I'm so glad that things are geting better. The foals are lovely tiny fur toys, they are adorable.Hugs to you, Rosanna

Patty said...

Debbie, The foals are so adorable!!!!! You must love the Spring with the arrival of new babies!! I hope your computer problems are resolved soon!

Lotte said...

Oh, how cute they are !

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The babies are so cute :) Good Luck on saving all your files, I am so paranoid that I back up all my photos once a month. I had a computer crash where I lost all my grandson's pictures except the ones I had uploaded to Picasa Web Albums.


Janice said...

Oh Debbie they are so beautiful. It must be so rewarding to live amongst such beauty. The views from your house must be truly marvellous.
I am so glad that the foals are making such progress and am off to look at your other blog for some more lovely photos.
I am sure you are enjoying them more every day.

My Wee Life said...

How adorable the foals are :) I want one!!

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