Saturday, 15 August 2009

Medieval Fun Day Dress Rehearsal Pt 1

These are the pictures that I took yesterday up at the Riding School, while we were getting the last bits and pieces together and putting up the tents etc..
Most of the Children did a dress rehearsal, ready for today.
I'm just uploading the video I took of Harry's Display and will try and get back later to share with you all, its taking quite a time to upload.


Sans said...

Was Harry holding (the 4th pic) LOL

And what is that red fleshy thing (is that you, Debbie???) on the cardboard ? For the guillotine bucket?

Debbie said...

Sans, Harry was indeed holding up hair, which was attached to a Doll Head.
The Red Fleshy things were entrails which we fixed into the head, so when Harry chopped off the head, they hung out.. The Lady in the Picture is Carol, she was so proud of them.. x

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