Sunday, 30 August 2009

Mums not best pleased

Hi everyone
Mum has spoken with the consultant and because of her Angina they have her on
Beta blockers which will take the strain off her heart and lower her blood pressure. they want to do this to give her the best possible chances in her operation. which are good anyway because her heart is so strong anyway they just want to relax it so its less stress on her blocked arteries. the reason she is not amused is that this means she has to wait TWO WEEKS for the operation. other than that she is fine. sorry there was no post last night but i have been very busy what with going back to school soon and there was not much to report.
thank you all for your comments though :) again :)


Papillon Bleu said...

Ben , I am sure your mother is so proud to have a son like you. I think you should take a bit of time for yourself too and don't worry about reporting on a daily basis as you also need to focus on your school and all that( unless it helps you too to write).
Two weeks is very long to wait for your mom but I am sure it gives her time to think about many things or concentrate on another extraordinary miniature project!? who knows...sometimes things happen for a reason.Life is so strange.

Best wishes.

Caseymini said...

Thinking of you Debbie. Hang in there. Two weeks will seem like a long time, but if, in the end, it makes you ok again,it is worth the wait. Ben, thanks again for the report.

kimsminiatures said...

I'm sure the waiting is so hard. I would be like give me the surgery NOW!!!! Debbie be a good girl and listen to the doctors. They know what it best. Life will be here waiting for you. Just try to rest. So hard for you I know. Do you like to read? Good time to get some reading done. Thanks again Ben. I'm thinking of your mom all the time. It is great to hear from you.
Hugs to you and your wonderful mom.

Liberty Biberty said...

Two weeks of waiting in the life of a creative person is a very long time! But it will all be worth it in the end!
All the best Debbie!

Marja said...

thank you Ben for your post!
it will not be easy for your mother but it must also
2 weeks on a human life is nothing
I think of her ..
pity that they have no laptop in the hospital
take good care of yourself
and thank you so much for us so now and will keep informed
Get well soon Debbie!
hugs Marja

Tabitha Corsica said... they say. No one wants to wait to get on with life but patience is a virtue...or so I am told. I wouldn't know :-) Thank you Ben for the updates. Books are definately in order. I'd go stir crazy just sitting around in a hospital with nothing to do for that long. What genre do you like to read? I'll send it!


Snowfern said...

aww Debbie just wants to get things done and over with eh?? hang in there, it's for the best!

and Ben, thanks again for the updates, take care of yourself...

hang in there, both of you!


Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Dear Debbie,
It's not easy to be inactive when you are so creative, I understand it, and I send you all my positive thoughts and some patience (sorry it's not a lot but I am not patient either ;)...Debbie it will go faster than you think!

PS: thanks Ben! That's really great to know how your Mom is doing! We all care a bout her!

Ara said...

Debbie, yikes I am sure you are just dreading the next two weeks of inactivity! Maybe send Ben or somebody to the nearest Library or bookstore and fill up on good books/magazines on mini's or some kind of fiction! Maybe it'll take your mind off the waiting! hugs -ara

linsminis said...

Keep smiling Debbie...2 weeks will soon be gone & then it will all have been worth it! Ben is such a star to keep us all updated like this...well done Ben...Mum is so lucky to have you:-))

Creager Studios said...

Dearest Debbie...

So sorry for the slight delay..I know how hard that must be for you... hmmmm with all of your friends about if we each take a day of the 2 weeks for you... we can each mentally hold your hand, chat with you and help you get through this 2 weeks in the blink of an eye....
Please know we are each with you...

Big Hugs...

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Oh dear, I just got a call from a friend telling me that Debbie is in hospital. I wasn´t updated since weeks !!! Haven´t been online much. Please tell Debbie I´m sending her all the best wishes, that she get´s well very soon. Thank you so much of running her blog and let everybody know. I send her the best fairy wishes to get well again !!! She has such a good heart- that has to get well again ! Silke from Germany

Tallulah~Belle said...

Debbie...I know it is hard but in the big scheme of things 2 weeks is nothing (((((())))))

Now you wouldn't rush any of your mini making would you..if it takes longer but you get a better result you'd do that right ? The docs don't want to rush what they do best that's all....and you know it is for the best.

Thanks again are a good Son (((())))

Folk Artist K Arthur said...

laying around on your bum mum??!! whats up with that? time to take a ride on a wee little pony!! gosh mum i hope you are up and off for a ride sometime soon..not just to the loo we miss you! blessings and prayers for you and all the family! Ben .. I have a Ben also... you sound a lot like well better than my ben as he sure would not blog for his mum!! you are awesome and she is blessed to have you. katie

Kate said...

Oh dear Deb, my thoughts are with you! I have not been checking blogs this month and I have just learned of your condition tonight!. I'm sorry you have to wait so long for your operation, but it sounds like you've got a great team watching out for you. And thank you Ben for the updates. I'll be checking back soon.

Tiny Pony hugs and kisses~ Kate, your blogger friend from Maine, USA..

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