Saturday, 2 October 2010


Welcome to some more followers who have joined the throng, they are:-
Janine Crocker otherwise known as Miss Amelia's Miniatures. Janine is showing some of her wonderful work at Miniaturia, this weekend on Mary Williams stand (C6). Debie, from Piskies and Poppets, is also on Mary's stand giving a helping hand. So if your going, pop by and say hello.
Linda who has two blogs Linda's Miniature Musings and Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse Back To Back Extravaganza. Both blogs, are filled with miniatures.
Marisa Stein who's blog is called Steinworks. Marisa has been working on a Sofa and some sculpts.
Little Miss Kris who I can't find any information on, but has joined lots of Mini blogs.
Francesca who's blog is called Mini Ricamo. Francesca does some lovely miniature embroidery.
Kaisa Miltonia who's blog is called Something Tiny. Some lovely miniatures on here.
And last but not least is Hummingbird Miniatures, who has two blogs one called Hummingbird Miniatures which is filled with the most beautiful miniature food and the other called Pixie Dust Miniatures, which is filled with Magical miniatures. They also have two Etsy Shops of the Same name's, Hummingbird Miniatures and Pixie Dust Miniatures.
As always please go over and say Hi.....

I hope all our friends, that are exhibiting and visiting Miniaturia, this weekend have a great show. I for one am looking forward to seeing what wonderful Treasures everyone comes home with..

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