Thursday, 7 October 2010

Oh What A Day....

Yesterday started quite well. Had a gas delivery at 7.30am, tank now filled ready for the colder evenings setting in. Derek arrived, took out the Log Burner in the boys sitting room, so that it wouldn't get damaged if anything came down the Chimney and sheeted out the boys sitting room, so no soot would get out of the chimney, into the room. He's put a large tank at the bottom of the Chimney, in the hearth, to catch any lose bricks and mortar. Thank goodness he has, cause you can hear all the crap, falling into the tank. Chris then arrived, and they both went up the scaffolding. They managed to get the Chimney pots down, with out breaking them. Not that there was much holding them in place. It's a miracle that the stack was still standing. just have a look at the bricks in the trailer, there was hardly any mortar left between them. I think it was literally standing on a wing and a prayer. We are going to reuse the bricks, when we eventually get round to doing the garden. They are Fire Bricks, so would be ideal for a Barbecue. While, that was going on I was on the phone sorting out my Hospital appointments. I am going in as a day patient on 21st October for my three yearly Colonoscopy, Bowel cancer runs in the family and I'm going into Morriston Hospital, Swansea on the 28th October for my double Angiogram. Then postie arrived with a Parcel, that I've been waiting for, and yes it is miniature, but more about that later.
Then Andrew arrived, he cuts our Hedges every year, so it was a case of moving ponies, into different fields away from the tractor and cutters. See the before and after pictures. (If you click on them they will pop up bigger). As this was all going on, we have a delivery from the builders merchant's, so the cars have to be moved, so that he can get the Lorry into the Stable Yard!. Talk about Manic. Then Mick said to me, "Deb, can you have a look at Magic, I think he's got conjunctivitis. As soon as I lifted his Mane, I knew it was far, far worse, then conjunctivitis and immediately came indoors and rang the vet. Who arrived about 20 minutes later and confirmed my worse fear's, that somehow Magic has managed to blind himself. The Vet thinks that he may have run into a stick on one of the Tree's. But however, he has done it, its perforated his eye and he is now blind on that side. The Vet gave him a local anesthesia, then flushed the eye out, he then applied antibiotic cream. We've also got Bute, Oral antibiotic's and antibiotic cream for his eye, to give him every day for a week. Then the vet is coming back to check on him. I have to say Magic, is not at all bothered and is still really perky, ear's forward and calling to the other's, but until some scar tissue has formed, he's on stable rest.
After I'd seen the vet off, I came indoors and the phone is ringing. It's Harry's teacher on his mobile phone. They are on the Coach, on the way back to School after playing Rugby against another school, at an away game. The first Words he said are "Mrs Wright, please don't be alarmed". Which I immediately was! Harry was playing Rugby, was tackled badly, which has injured his hip again. He can hardly walk, so no school for him for a few days. He's badly bruised, but there isn't anything broken. All in all it was one of them day's Manic from start to finish. Just hoping today is going to be a bit quieter.


Tabitha Corsica said...

What with Magic and Harry (the two things that are most important in this tale) it sounds like the day from Hell. I am very glad that Harry is not seriously injured, though he might want to consider taking up golf instead. What a shame about Magic's eye...but animals do have a way of adapting without any of the whining you'd get from their human counterparts.

It's always something, isn't it?

Mags Cassidy said...

Life is never boring at your house, is it?
Wears me out reading about it all, Lol.
Whatever goes on, you always smile and find time for others.

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Oh what a day! I hope today goes better for you Debbie and that Harry and Magic are soon feeling much better.
Julia xxxx

Katie said...

So glad to hear that Harry isn't seriously hurt~ but sorry to hear he got hurt! And poor Magic, what an awful thing to go through.

Was glad to hear an update on you. I've been thinking about you and was wondering where you were with it! Hope it all goes well for ya!
Big Hugs!

Pan said...

What a hectic day! My best wishes to Harry and Magic and to you of course, hope all goes well at the hospital. Pan x

WendiesMiniWorld said...

What a day!! hope today is much, much better x

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Ah, Deb, sorry to hear about the injuries and craziness. Hope everyone is resting comfortably today, including you!


Sassy Marsha said...

Egaads, Debbie, what a day you had! I hope today is calmer :)


MiniKat said...

Good heavens! I hope Harry and Magic heal quickly and that the chimney work goes without any hiccups.

Glenda said...

Whoa!! Are you in one of those time warps, Debbie, where you live a year in one day?
I do hope that Harry will mend well, and that Magic is ok.
xxx Glenda

Marisa Stein said...


if you weren't a drinking woman you would be after a day like that!

it's just one thing after another isn't it

chin up, things will get better, we had house problems too *still do* some how we still manage *lord only knows how though*

big Hugs to you

Cottage Kitty Miniatures by Julie Lawton said...

As you say what a day:(what can I say only best wishes for Magic and Harry.I hope everything goes well for you with your tests:) Why do these things always happen to the nice people? lol x take care, Julie

Sans! said...

:( but at least it is over! :)

shannonc60 said...

Wow, things sound a bit chaotic there Deb. Sad to hear about your pony's eye - I hope he's ok after all his treatment anyway.

Karin F. said...

oh my what a day you had! Hope things have quietened down now
hugs Karin

Jill said...

My goodness, when it rains it pours! My heart goes out to Harry and Magic. I hope that they are feeling well soon.

I love that you are going to re-use the brick in your garden. I love used brick, and am looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Good luck to you with your tests... I'll be sending positive thoughts your way~


Doreen said...

My goodness Debbie. How do you ever manaage to retain youyr sanity??? Your whole life is one exciting adventure after another. And yet you still manage to be cheerful and upbeat. I really admire you and you constantly amaze me how you cope with it all.

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