Thursday, 25 October 2007

Catch Up....

Well my friend Christine arrived safe & sound on Sunday, we picked her up from Carmarthen Station. Showed her round the place as she's never been here before. Then we all sat down to a lovely Roast of Welsh Lamb with all the trimmings.
The Kitten is doing really well, but is thoroughly spoilt, wants cuddles all the time, I was walking round with it tucked in my sweatshirt last night cause it kept crying to be picked up, as soon as I picked it up, it started purring...
Monday had to disconnect the washing machine again ready for Colin to do the plastering.
Harry went back to school on Tuesday, he's still not over this virus and neither are Mick and I, it seems to be hanging around. Went into Carmarthen on Tuesday, to get Harry a new phone for his birthday. Colin and Andy arrived to plaster the Utility room, which now looks fantastic...
Wednesday was Harry's 12th Birthday, he was really pleased with his phone and the other bits and pieces we got him. He also got money from his Nan & Grandad, Cousin Mandy and Aunt Joanne. My friend Christine brought his Birthday Cake for him. Took Chris to the station to get her train back. Met Tash The Boot Sale Queen at School home time so she could give Harry his pressie, they brought him a DVD, that he wanted and which we all watched last night.
Mick's parents left for home this morning. So its major catch up with everything now, emails, listing on Ebay and washing!

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