Friday, 26 October 2007


Managed to get some bits on Ebay yesterday, having some problems with Ben's PC at the moment. If you have the firewall on, it won't let you connect to the Internet... I really must get my laptop sorted out.
Still got this bloody virus, its 3 weeks now, coughed so much yesterday, that it made me sick and I really hate being sick... Mick's been waking up more often in the night with his back and coughing, so I feel exhausted. Felt really cold this morning. But still had the Horses to muck out. Have dosed myself up with cough medicine and paracetamol so hopefully will start feeling better soon.
I'm having real trouble loading pictures on to my blog, so don't know whats up, whether the problem is with blogger or us?
Plaster is drying out nicely in the utility room, so hopefully by next week I'll be able to get some paint on the ceiling and walls. Then the new units can go in. Must take some pictures of work in progress.
Got loads of miniatures on the go, must really try and get some finished this week and get them listed.
Anyway got loads of washing to do, Ben's off to Paris on Monday, so want to make sure all the bits he's taking are clean....

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