Thursday, 11 October 2007


Well today has been OK. Took 16 parcels to the post office for posting. Posted them all 1st Class, but god knows when my customers will receive them. I'm in sympathy with the postal workers as they have a crap job, out in all weathers etc, but couldn't they have just worked to rule. At least that why some of the post would have got through. Spoke to our postie before the dispute, and she said she was going into work as she couldn't afford to lose the pay. Can you imagine the back log, it will take weeks to get back to normal and now their having lightening strikes.. Will there or won't there be a strike next week. Your guess is as good as mine.
Anyway, I actually got some post today which is well overdue. Also received a parcel from America. This all sounds pretty good at the moment doesn't it... But its not! I brought 45 miniature trays from a lady on eBay on 11Th September. Never heard anything, in the mean time I've been getting stuff that I ordered after this, again from America, but different sellers within 7 days! kept emailing no answer. I had checked the feedback before buying and everything looked OK. But decided I check it again as it had been so long without contact. God you should have seen it, absolutely appalling. So alarm bells start ringing and I filed a dispute with Paypal. She then contacts me via the dispute council to say that her son was in a car crash, he is in & out of a coma. So I write back saying I'm sorry to hear this, but have you posted my items or not.
She then replys no but had posted them that day.! Well as I said the parcel arrived today and whats in there not the 45 trays I brought & paid for but 28... So I sent her another email via the dispute council to see what she has to say about it. If you want to have a look for yourselves the ebay seller ID is montauk9. Someone has actually written on there if you can't cope with your son being ill and running your shop, then close the shop, until he's better. And because they are leaving her Negative Feedback she is doing the same to them.. So looks like I might have my first negative very shortly!!!
Rang The Boot Sale Queen tonight to check up on Callum and he's home and doing ok...

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