Saturday, 27 October 2007

Pictures Or The Lack Of..

Been having a real job trying to upload pictures onto my blog. Have no idea whats causing the problem. Its taken nearly an hour to load these two pictures!! We think its to do with the firewall on the PC.
The Kitten is so cute, really into everything now, but still wants cuddles and if you don't pick it up it cries and sounds like Donald Duck!
Was going up to upload some more pictures of the bits that I've got on Ebay this week, but it just won't let me. Managed to get a picture on here of the Roast Beef & Potatoes. But other then that no PICTURES. Its doing my head in... If you want to see what I have listed just click on the link to my ebay listings.

1 comment:

cashandben said...

what a gorgeous little kitten!

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