Monday, 29 October 2007


How Cute is this Picture of Harry & the Kitten, both conked out on the sofa...
Yesterday got Ben's stuff ready and repacked his case!! Mick took him to the school at 11.30pm to pick up the coach. He's off to Paris. Had a text from him about 1pm today to say they were on their way to the Hotel and that he was OK. Texted back to say hope he has a lovely time and to enjoy himself. Seems really strange not having him here and on the phone.... He's back on Thursday evening.

Harry went out with the Scouts today for a hike and to learn about woodlands, and how to identify tree's. He got home about 3.30pm and said that he'd had a really good time. He's just got out of the shower. Just realised what a handsome son I have under all that dirt!
The Roofers didn't arrive until about 1.30, they put up their scaffolding and off they went again.
Hopefully, they will be here bright and early tomorrow to start on the roof. Well we can only live in hope.
Not been up to much today, just the normal stuff, sorting out the horses etc... Really need to get on with making some more miniatures.
Been trying to read one of my customers blog for the last couple of days but the page has disappeared. Faith if your reading this where's it gone...
Also had an email from Hazel today, finally got her postal order through the post, she sent it before the postal strike, but the amount was wrong so emailed her to let her know. She sent out two postal orders one for me and one for someone else. Mine being for the larger amount, but the names had got confused on the postal orders and this other person has ended up with mine. Which apparently they have just cashed and not refunded Hazel, how mean is that.. But on a lighter note Hazel's daughter has had a Baby Boy named Evan and it sounds like they are over the moon... Congratulations...
Will be doing some new listings on Ebay tomorrow, but haven't quite decided what to put on there yet.

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Hazel said...

Hi Debbie!
AAAAAH!!...How cute is that lil kitty!!!..He looks like he's got his feet well ans truly under the table!!..Hee Hee!!
I know the feeling about our children going away with school..My youngest son Sam went to Paris when he was 13..I fretted for the whole 4 days he was gone..I eventually got a phone call on the 3rd day..He had an absolute ball..but it still doesn't stop you worrying!!!
Hope the rest of your family are good..and you've all gotten over your flu.
Mini Hugs xxxx

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