Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wrapping & Packing

I spent most of the morning after mucking the horses out, wrapping & packing my miniatures, ready for them to go in the post tomorrow. Was told yesterday that their going on strike again Monday for a full week. Its a bloody nuisance, I'm waiting for loads of stuff in the post, and I'm sure my customers aren't very pleased either.
Ordered Cravat & Kai, their stable rugs today from Robinson's, they are guaranteed to be here by Friday by courier.. So they will be sorted for winter.
Meiron the JCB man has been round tonight to give us a quote on some ground work we need doing. Hopefully that will be done in November and we can get the static caravan moved from outside the lounge window. At the moment its completely blocking out the light and the view of the drive and fields behind. Eventually I will use it as my work room, until we can afford to have the extension done on top of the garage and boot room.
Also been trying to catch up with the mounds of washing. There was loads of stuff still out in the caravan and it smelt musty, so have had the washing machine on the go all day non-stop. Also washed all the winter coats that were covered in muck and mud, ready to get covered in muck & mud again.
Still feeling pretty rough, had a rough night, my whole body aches, but aye ho, still got animals to look after etc..
The Boot Sale Queen rang me quickly today. Her eldest son Callum had to have his tonsils out today. The poor little sod had his operation, but was bleeding quite badly, the surgeon wasn't happy, so they had to take him back into theatre again. Tash is staying at the hospital with him tonight. Get Well Soon Callum we love you lots..
Don't think I'll be making any mini's tonight, will have to dig some stuff out of my stock boxes to put on Ebay...

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