Friday, 21 November 2008

Welcome Marja

I have another follower from the Netherlands, Hello Marja & Welcome.
I've been over to Marja's blog and had a long look. Marja's site is in Dutch, but the pictures tell a story. I'm in love with the Christmas Room.
Marja also has a Web site and there's Printies on there...
Please go over and say Hello. Here's the links..
Marja's Blog
Marja's Website


Marja said...

Debbie thank you ... I can read and speak good English but not write
I write this note, therefore, the google translation BETA ..
sorry if by chance some errors in it.
what fun that you welcomed me so
I think your blog is super!
with friendly greetings Marja

Debbie said...

Lovely to meet you Marja.
Mini Hugs x

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