Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Mini Food Blog

While I was trawling through the Web last night, by chance I came across a lovely Miniature blog called "The Mini Food Blog". The author has invited anyone that Loves Miniature Food, makes miniature food or collects to join the blog as an Author. Well I sent an email with some pictures of my work and had a lovely email back, inviting me to join, which I have.
We popped out this evening, and when I got back thought I must put some pictures on there, only to find that the Author, had beaten me to it. I can honestly say my cheeks were Ruby Red. Please go over to the blog and have a look. There are some esteemed Miniature Artists on there, with fantastic food, so life like, you'd think you could eat it.


CHONA said...

I love those pictures. May I know what country is this?

view my blog also

Debbie said...

I am in the United Kingdom.

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