Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back From The Dentist..

My trip to the Dentist went OK, not as bad as I was expecting. Even when the Dentist gave me the needle, I have to say it didn't hurt. Mind you did get a couple of funny looks, walking round Tesco afterwards. Looked like some drawling mad women, with a lop sided face!.
Got back home unloaded the shopping and am now having a lovely cup of tea.. I turned on the PC and noticed that aileni, had left a comment on my blog saying that another blog friend Dragonstar, had also been to the Dentist today for an extraction. Dragonstar, if your reading this I hope your feeling OK and not in to much discomfort.


Dragonstar said...

Thank you for your kind wishes. My dentist is very good with the needle I'm glad to say! My jaw aches, but it's such a relief not to have the tooth any more. I hope your face (and mouth) are OK now.

Debbie said...

Yes I'm fine now.. I've stopped Drawling.. LOL..

Anonymous said...

Have you been eating sweets as well as making them?

x hel x

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