Friday, 14 November 2008

Honeydukes Door...

Well I looked through loads of boxes for a Shop Door. Found loads of internal doors and front doors, but no shop doors.
Decided that I needed a trip to the local Dolls House shop in Cardigan.
I've never been there before, but what a lovely welcome I got from Joan the owner. Managed to get a Shop Door & some very small mouldings for the windows.
Ended up having a lovely chat with Joan and she showed me a photograph of her Dolls House that she'd built. Its massive and I mean massive!, 11ft wide. Would love to have seen some photo's of the inside. Turns out we also know some of the same people in the miniature world.
So if your ever in Cardigan, pop in and see all her Goodies. The shop address is Georgian House Miniatures, 36/37 Feidr Fair, Cardigan SA43 1EB - Tel no: 01239 612073 24HR Answer phone.
Joan doesn't have a web site yet, but as soon as she does I put a link on here.
Hello Joan, if your reading this...
Anyway, got home and immediately cut the aperture for the door & tried it for size. I'm off to give it a coat of paint now. Will update later...


Katie's Clay Corner said...

I like where your going with this! Very interesting...the curves I mean, never thought about it before! Thanks for sharing!


Dragonstar said...

This is all fascinating.
I don't know Cardigan well. Actually, I don't know anything well over there any more - we've been in Ireland for just over 18 years now, and things change a lot in that time!
I used to go to a tiny craft place in Carmarthen when I could get there. Bet that's long gone!

Debbie said...

Hi Katie,
Glad its given you some ideas.. x
Hi Dragonstar,
I miss the big craft store, where we used to live. Haven't found a craft place in Carmarthen yet, but if I do I'll let you know... Hope your recovered from your tooth extraction.. x

Dragonstar said...

Well thank you kindly! All healing well now, but I'm still a wee bit woozy from all the painkillers I had before! What a wimp.

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