Sunday, 30 November 2008


I've spent this afternoon at Accident & Emergency with Mick... He managed to chop the top of his thumb off with a table saw... Good job I know First Aid.. Lucky for him it had a new blade in so the cut was clean, although the bit that got chopped off was no good as it was completely mangled..
They were brilliant at A & E, he got seen straight away. First off they injected his thumb with a nerve block. They took X-Rays and said that it had chipped some small bits of bone off the top, but as it was such a clean cut, it should eventually grow back itself. They washed it out with gallons of Saline and then cut of all the loose bits of skin. Then they dressed it, with a compression bandage, so it's looks like something out of a comic book. He's got to go back to the Hospital on Tuesday to have all the dressing changed. But he still may have to have plastic surgery.


Dragonstar said...

You poor things - such a shock for both of you! Probably worse for you, but I see you kept your head enough to take photos!
I hope that thumb heals cleanly.

kimsminiatures said...

Ahhh Debbie. Poor Mick. I hope he heals fast and soon! Mini hugs!!!

Vicky Guile said...

Dear me Debbie! ouch it sounds painful! no more table-sawing for Mick for a while! here hoping it heals quickly! hugs to you both x

Debbie said...

Thank you all.. Really appreciate your "Get Well Wishes" for Mick..
Mini Hugs

Daisy Carpi said...

I hope it looks good on!

Anonymous said...

Mmm I feel a bit queezy! Get well soon!

x hel x

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