Monday, 17 November 2008

Window Mouldings..

Last night I put the mouldings around the inside of the windows. As the windows are round, needed something that would bend but give a really neat finish. I've used Funky Foam for Crafting. It's really easy to cut with a scalpel and ruler and gives a lovely finished edge that can be painted over. You can also use it for the inside of a miniature book, just wrap the book cover around the foam.
Still got to put the acetate in the windows, but will leave that till last, just in case I get any glue or paint on them.


Dragonstar said...

I haven't been over here for a few days - busy weekend. And it seems I'm not the only one! I had to go back to your previous page to catch up!!!
I'm so impressed with what you've done. And yes, the internet is wonderful. I don't know how I ever managed without my computer and the www.
Oh and by the way - I's years since I heard anyone say "on the wonk"

Debbie said...

Here's another one for you then Dragonstar, when its straight & level, it's cock on...

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