Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Honeydukes False Frontage..

I've been thinking about the room box, and can't decide whether to leave it as glass or put on a false shop front. Well this morning, I decided to take the glass out of the frame. Easier said then done. Whoever, had the box before has glued wood around the inside of the glass. So I started to prise the wood away, very carefully! That went OK. But then I removed the glass, and as I did it slipped, unlucky for me! The glass was extremely sharp around the edge, next thing I know I'm bleeding, it sliced into my fingers! Doesn't help that I'm left handed! So that's put paid to me, playing with my Fimo today. After a quick wash under the tap and some plasters, they've stopped bleeding!
I brought some foam board the other day at the local craft shop, laid it on the floor and with much care laid the glass on it and drew round it to get a template. Which I've cut with a Stanley Knife and tried it for size in the frame.
I've pencilled in where I want the door and windows. I want the windows to match those in Honeydukes, which are a half moon shape, but I've trawled the Internet and can't find any, so looks like I'll have to build them myself.


Anonymous said...


Debbie said...

Hi Helbel,
I can tell you, I said more then Ouch!..

Dragonstar said...

My first thought was "OUCH!!!" too.
My second thought - typical blogger! Cut yourself, swear, then grab camera for artistic shot against a nice clean background. Only then can you go and fix yourself up, before posting the blog!

Debbie said...

You got it in one Dragonstar..

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