Monday, 1 December 2008

Tiny Treasures Mini Links..

As you know I like to share with everyone all the Mini Links I found on this blog.. Well I've been finding so many, that I thought I'd try and get them all on one page, so I've opened another blog called Tiny Treasures Mini Links.. I've already started adding the blogs and the Printies Sites. I thought it would be easier for everyone, just to go to one page, instead of trawling back through this blog. I've included the link above and it's also on my side bar.
All my Mini's are on hold at the moment, after Mick's accident yesterday, as he's unable to do anything at all. Thank you everyone that left messages for Mick. I really appreciate your kind wishes.
If anyone finds a site that they think would be interesting to our other Mini Friends. Please email it to me and I'll add it as and when I can..
Off to peel my potatoes now... Mini Hugs xxx


rosanna said...

Hi Debbie,I don't know either you or Mick but reading your blog you have become sort of part of my daily life. Said that I wish him to get better as soon as possible and you as well. Rosanna

Debbie said...

Thank you for your get well wishes Rosanna, much appreciated.. Mini Hugs

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