Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve...

Mick and I went shopping at Tesco's in Cardigan last night at around 8.30pm. Just wanted to get some Cream, Fruit and Salad stuff. Well I ended up laughing hysterically, walking round, it was like there was a food shortage. There was no vegetable's or fruit left on the shelves, literally only Potatoes and some red onion's left. We then moved onto the Cheese, not a cheese board left in sight. I just wanted a small tub of cream cream to go with the smoked salmon, nothing! By this time I've got the giggles. We then gone to the Salad aisle, not a leaf in sight not even a mouldy one. Now I'm really laughing. But what had me in hysteric's was the pickle aisle. Nothing on the shelves, absolutely nothing left. I spoke to one of the assistant's and she said that their deliveries hadn't arrived they were expecting a delivery at Midnight and another one at Midday today, which as she said is too late..
I've been listening to the Radio this morning, and they've said that the Town Centres are packed, lots of the store's are starting there Sales today. Thought there was a recession on..
I've got to go into Newcastle Emlyn today, to pick up Mick's presciption for his dressings, and pick up our poorly cat Angel from the vets. Maybe I'll be able to get a lettuce and some Cranberry sauce!... I'll update you later.... LOL...


Caseymini said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope that you find some food somewhere in the country. It is like that here too. Maybe not quite as bad, but some of the traditional stuff is hard to find. Could it be that we should have bought earlier?

rosanna said...

Same here in Italy.
Food stalls are full of everything but people buy like crazy and not only food!
Louis Vuitton in Genoa had to close the doors and let people enter a few at a time to avoid a crowd.
Skiing ressorts are packed full and everyone says that THERE is a recession!
Well, I hardly see it by watching around.
Hope you got your lettuce. Mini hugs

Marja said...

hoi debby
Merry Christmas to you and your family....
huggs marja

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