Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Update On Mick.. Gross Post..

Went to the Hospital today, so that Mick could have his dressing changed. He ended up taking the dressing off himself, as it had stuck.. How he never passed out, I'll never know. He went a horrible shade of grey and the sweat was dripping off him. The Consultant was happy with the wound and the good thing is, he doesn't need Plastic Surgery. He needs the dressing changed every three days until it has scabbed over and then the dressing's can stop. They think it will take approx one month, to heal over.. Took some more pictures on my mobile, as the boys wanted to see what it looked like. The photo's are a bit blurred, but maybe that's a good thing. Their reaction when they saw them, was that's Gross... If your have a weak stomach, then I would skip this post..


KatieKatastrophe said...

O.O That is nasty!
Looks so so so so soooo sore :(
Hope your feeling better soon Mick!

Vicky Guile said...

my own thumbs feel funny looking at the pics. Poor Mick! but good news about the plastic surgery, still looks really painful though!

Dragonstar said...

That's quite horrible! But as an ex-nurse I can see that it look quite clean and healthy. Mick must be a good healer.

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