Saturday, 20 December 2008

Tiny Treasures Mini Links...

Just to let everyone know, that over the last couple of days, I've added at least another 40 links over on the Tiny Treasures Mini Link Blog. I've found some amazing blogs and Artist site's. Hope you enjoy..
On a sad note, I received a Christmas card from Peggy, remember this is the lady who's collection I now own, telling me that her Husband Ernie had sadly passed away in November.
On a Happy note, I'd like to welcome another three followers, Hello & Welcome...
1. Marian who's blog is called MundoMarian.
2. Bogna who's blog is called I Love That Doll.
3. Ana Rosa who has three blogs La Miniaturas de Ana , Mi Tienda De Novias & Mis Bordados En Punto De Cruz..
Ana's first two blogs are all about miniatures and the third is about cross stitch..


Morgan Mandel said...

You do have an amazing collection. Your profile mentions making miniatures yourself also. How do you have the patience? It has to be a very precise undertaking.

Morgan Mandel

Minna said...

Merry Christmas Debbie!

Lynn said...

I just recently came across your blog and I just love the little miniatures you make! I have much more exploring to do on your blog.

Over the past year my daughter and I have been really playing with her dollhouse and making dollhouse furniture. Who knew miniatures would be so addicting?!


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