Monday, 15 December 2008

The Stork's Nest..

When I used to attend the Dolls house Club in Dartford, I met a lovely lady called Peggy. Just after my Mum died in 2001, Peggy decided that her whole Dolls house Collection, was getting to much for her and her Husband, as they were both getting on in years and it was taking up too much room in their small flat. She approached me, and asked me whether I would like to buy the collection as a whole, she knew that I would love it and take care of it. My Dad decided that he would buy it for me. Part of this vast collection was a small room box, called The Stork's Nest. In her younger years Peggy, made the most beautiful knitting pattern's and crochet. Some of her designs were published in the magazines for collector's available in the UK.
The little shop was filled with lots of her creations, even the shop keeper wears a dress made by Peggy. I had a unit made by Ron another member of our group, so that I could hang all the little outfits up, it also contains drawer's. I've been gradually adding to it over the last few years. My favourite pieces, that I've brought, were made by Catherine French of The Linen Cupboard.
The Pictures from the top show a Shawl that Peggy made, a little outfit from Catherine French, the Bib's were made by me, the shop made by Peggy's Husband and the unit made by Ron..
I'll take some more pictures of all the other lovely bits over the next few day's to show you.


kimsminiatures said...

You are so lucky. I love this. Can't wait to see more. It is wonderful. Mini hugs! How is Honeydukes coming?

Debbie said...

Thanks Kim.. Honeydukes is sort of on hold at the moment, been trying to get everything sorted for Christmas. Its sitting on the windowsill in my lounge, crying out to be finished! LOL..

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